A 2018 ECHO CS-490 chainsaw


As you begin your search for the perfect chainsaw, it’s important to know precisely what you’re looking for. After all, there are several different models, functions, and features to choose from. When you have a better understanding of what you need from a machine, it’ll be easy to find the right one. This might seem difficult for those who are purchasing a chainsaw for the first time. But that’s why D&R Outdoor Power Equipment of Maumee is here to help.

If you’re a homeowner who plans to use your machine a few times a year, you can get by with an electric model. If you’ll be doing heavier and more frequent cutting, it’s better to go with a gas model that has at least a 45cc engine. Keep in mind that if you’re a beginner, you’ll want to choose a smaller model that you can easily handle. Consider other variables, too, like what type of trees you need to cut, time of year you plan to cut, where you will use it, what safety features you need, and so on.

Types & Features

One of the main decisions you’ll need to make is if you’re going to choose a gas, electric, or battery-powered chainsaw. Many buyers lean toward the gas or electric options. Gas chainsaws are an effective combination of power and mobility. These range from light-duty models all the way up to professional-grade models that you crank with a pull-start. The two-cycle engine works with a blend of gas and oil.

When it comes to electric chainsaws, you’ll be able to choose between corded and cordless models. These are ideal for smaller projects like light cutting, trimming, and pruning as they require less power. Electric machines are also much quieter than their gas counterparts. Standard models will come with features like front and rear handles on the engine, as well as a cutting bar.

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